PhD. 1996
University of Pennsylvania, Department of Slavic Languages
Thesis: "Authoritarian State, Good Governance, and the Emergence of Intelligentsia in Imperial Russia."

PhD. 1987
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Art Studies, Sofia
Thesis: "The Concept of Tragedy in Western Thought"

M. A. 1982
Theater and Film Academy, History and Theory Department, Sofia
Thesis: "Sukhovo-Kobylin's Carnival Poetics."

Scholarly Books

The Adam Complex: Essays in Politics and Culture.
Varna: LiterNet, 2006 (second extended edition)

Chaotic Pendulum: Inquiries in Terrorism and Governmentality.
Sofia: Espace Culture, 2005, sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities, Bulgaria and Open Society Institute, Sofia.

Premiere and book signing: The Red House: Center for Culture and Debate, Sofia, 15 June, 2005.

Book Reviews: Sotirov, B. “The Pendulum of Terrorism.” Policies, July 2005
Lazarov, A. “The Pendulum of Meaning.” Kapital Light, 25 June, 2005

Short Paradox for the Theater and Other Figures of Life.
Sofia: Sofia University Press, 1997

Book Reviews: Decheva, V. “Book-Event.” Kultura, 10 April, 1998

Red Square, Black Square: Organon for Revolutionary Imagination.
Albany: State University of New York Press, 1995

Book reviews: Eliot Borenstein, The Slavic and East European Journal, Vol. 40, No. 2 (Summer, 1996), pp. 387-389
Alla Efimova, “To Touch on the Raw: The Aesthetic Affections of Socialist Realism” Art Journal, Vol. 56, No. 1, Aesthetics and the Body Politic. (Spring, 1997), pp. 72-80

The Adam Complex: Essays in Politics and Culture. Sofia: Ivan Vazov, 1991


Zift: A Noir Novel
Janet-45, Plovdiv, 2006

English: "Zift," Paul Dry Books, Philadelphia, 2010
German: "Die Motte," Edition Balkan, Dittrich Verlag, Berlin, 2011
Latvian: "Dzifts," Mansards Publishers, Riga, 2014
Polish: "Mól," Pogranicze, Sejny, 2013

Unabridged radio release: BG National Radio, April/May, 2007
Winter Book Fair, National Palace of Culture, Sofia, 13 December, 2006.

Award Nominations
Vick Prize for the Bulgarian Novel of the Year, 2007
National Literary Prize “Elias Canetti,” 2007

From the Reviews

"Todorov has created a perverse crash course in the constancy of irony" - Thomas McGonigle, The Los Angeles Times

"Todorov’s raw, hard-boiled parody takes dead aim at noir and leaves it gasping for breath." - Michael Pinker, Review of Contemporary Fiction

"... a solid little piece of pulp, with a nice subversively humorous undertone." M.A.Orthofer, Complete Review

"Zift is like a flaming shot of rotgut smuggled in from the old country. (...) Vladislav Todorov adroitly uses the American genre of noir to excoriate the political villains of his homeland's past. (...) Zift is gritty and brisk." - Matt Jakubowski, Philadelphia Citypaper

"Todorov was obviously raised on a steady diet of American noir, and it shows in the pacing, the language, and the shadowy depths of every alleyway, every street corner." Jessa Crispin on PBS's Need to Know

"...stalking its genre with the meticulousness of an assassin, while simultaneously parodying it. A novel that unfolds over a single night, in a single breath—and also reads that way ... a black-and-white cinematographic vision of early-1960s Sofia by Night." —Georgi Gospodinov, Literaturen Vestnik.

Fama Publishers, Sofia, 2010

Award Nominations
Bulgarian Novel of the Year 2010
National Endowment Fund "13 Centuries Bulgaria"
National Literary Prize “Elias Canetti,” 2010

The Spinning Top: A Fairytale Dystopia
Kolibri Publishers, Sofia 2017.


Phi 1.618 (in post-production, based on The Spinning Top)
Genre: Dark Fairytale
Director: Theodor Ushev
Sponsored by the Bulgarian National Film Center

The Color of the Chameleon (based on Zincograph)
Genre: Spy-Comedy-Thriller            
Director: Emil Christov
Sponsored by the Bulgarian National Film Center and the National TV.

World Premiere @Toronto IFF8 September, 2012
Bulgarian submission for foreign Oscar 2013
European Film Awards Official Selection 2013
Variety 10 European Directors to Watch 2013

From Reviews
“… a peek behind the Iron Curtain turns into a darkly funny trip through the looking glass.” Film Comment
“… stylized, lurid, archly literary pastiche of espionage thriller … demonstrates a remarkable, exuberant sense of strangeness.” The New York Times
“A darkly comic evocation of communist absurdities.”  Variety
“… one of the most bizarre, richest, dazzling films.” l’étoile
“… darkly satirical Eastern Bloc spy thriller with Kafkaesque overtones.” The Hollywood Reporter

Festivals and Awards
Official Selection Works in Progress Thessaloniki IFF '11
Official Selection Cannes Atelier '10
Official Selection New Cinema Network - Focus Europe, Rome IFF '09
Won Restart Award, CineLink Coproduction Market, Sarajevo IFF '09
Won Balkan Fund Script Development Award, Thessaloniki IFF '08
Bulgarian National FF 2012 Grand Prix Award Golden Rose
Bulgarian Film Academy Awards 2013: Won 8 awards out of 11 nominations
Montreal IFF of New Cinema 2012
Stockholm IFF 2012
Karlovy Vary IFF 2013
Chicago European Union Film Showcase 2013
Palm Springs IFF 2013
New Directors/New Films NYC 2013
Belgrade IFF 2013
Sofia IFF 2013
Vilnius IFF 2013
Istanbul IFF 2013
Bucharest IFF 2013
St. Paul IFF Minneapolis 2013
Tarkovsky IFF "Zerkalo"
Edinburgh IFF 2013
Saint Petersburg International Film Festival 2013
Filmfest Hamburg 2013
Cinedays Skopje 2013
European Film Days in Algiers 2014
EUphoria Film Festival USC School of Cinematic Arts, 2014

Zift: A Film Noir
Director: Javor Gardev
Sponsored by the Bulgarian National Film Center and the National TV.

"… an instant midnight fest fave." Variety

Bulgarian entry for 2009 Foreign Oscar.
Festivals and Awards
    European Film Academy Awards Official Selection 2009
Bulgarian National Film Awards, 2008
Won: Best Feature Film and Best Script
Moscow International Film Festival, 2008
Won: The prize “Silver St. George”
Toronto International Film Festival '08 Discovery Program Official Selection
Istanbul IFF, Mar del Plata, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington, South-by-South West.

Independent Film Chanel (IFC) acquired the US distribution rights and released it on cable and DVD. In 2010 Strange Loop Entertainment bought an option for remake.

Short fiction

In Bulgarian
Operation Lucifer, Granta BG, Fall 2013
Sun-struck Daydreaming, Capital, Nov 19, 2013 (short fiction)
In the Bosom of the Bulgarian Police Happiness" Fakel 2 (2009)

In English
The Somersault. Chelsea 76 (2004)
The Four Luxemburgs. Postmodern Culture v.3 n.2 (January, 1993)
Absinthe: New European Writing #17: Spotlight on Bulgaria
(excerpt from "Zincograph")

Mass-media appearances and interviews

Bulgarian TV and Radio Interviews:

Bulgaria On Air 24 December, 2017 (100 Years October Revolution)
Bulgarian National Television, 19 May, 2017 (The Spinning Top – the novel and the movie)
Darik National Radio, 30 June, 2017 (The Spinning Top – the novel and the movie)
BTV National Television 28 June, 2017 (The Spinning Top – the novel and the movie)
Bulgaria On Air 17 May, 2017 (The Spinning Top – the novel and the movie)
Bulgarian National TV, Special guest, "The Manuscript" Creative Writing Reality Show, 12 December, 2015
Bulgarian National TV, Night Birds, 6 Sept, 2013 (The Color of the Chameleon)
Bulgarian National Radio, Deconstruction, April 20, 2013
Bulgarian National VT, June 3, 3013 (Bulgarian Film Academy Awards)
Bulgarian National Radio, Horizont, 20 April, 2013 (Boston Bombings, Secret Police, The Color of the Chameleon)
Bulgarian National TV, Panorama, 19 April, 2013 (Boston Bombings, Secret Police, The Color of the Chameleon)
Bulgarian National TV, Channel 1, "The Day Begins," 24 August, 2012 (The Color of the Chameleon at Toronto IFF)
Bulgarian National TV, Channel 1, "The Day Begins," 8 August, 2011 ("Zincograph" first day of shooting)
DW, Presentation of the novel "Die Motte" in Berlin, 19 March, 2011
Bosch Stiftung, Urban visions in Edition Balkan, 20 March, 2011
Bulgarian National TV, Channel 1, "The Day Begins," 22 December, 2010 ("Zincograph" the novel and the film)
TV7, 6 May, 2010, "Vjarno s originala"
Bulgarian National Radio, 4 May, 2010, "Horizont"
Bulgarian National TV, Channel 1, "The Day Begins," 3 May, 2010
National Darik Radio, 1 May, 2010, "The Week"
Bulgarian National TV, Channel 1, "The Day Begins," 31 March, 2010 (Film project "Zincograph" at Cannes Atelier)
bTV, "This Morning," 08 January, 2010 ("Zift" remake, film and novel "Zincograph")
National Darik Radio, 6 January, 2010 "The words"
Vkashti TV, 7 June, 2009 (Making of "Zift.")
Bulgarian National TV, Channel 1, "The Day Begins," 29 May, 2009 (Making of "Zift;" project "Zincograph")
RE:TV, 9 January, 2009 (Times of crisis; forthcoming Bulgarian elections; film project "Zincograph)
TV7, 9 June, 2008 (The US presidential elections)
National Darik Radio, 4 January, 2008 ("Zift" the movie and the novel, work in progress, the "outside" point of view of the Bulgarian political and cultural scene)
TV7, 19 December, 2007 (Populism, civil society and the ellectoral situation of the Bulgarian democratic right)
Bulgarian National Radio, “Cultural Roulette ,” 16 December, 2007 (The book market and the contemporary literary scene)
Bulgarian National Radio, “Art Ether,” 24 May, 2007 (The novel “Zift” and the contemporary literary scene in Bulgaria.)
National Darik Radio, “Bulgaria in the Afternoon,” January, 2007 (The recent publication of the novel “Zift”)
Bulgarian National Radio, “Cultural Roulette ,” 10 December, 2006 (The novel “Zift” and the “noir” genre in fiction and film.)
Bulgarian National Radio, “Before Everyone Else,” 16 June 2005 (The recent publication of the book “Chaotic Pendulum,” post-communist transition, foreign policy and terrorism.)
bTV, “This Morning,” 15 June 2005 (The premiere of “Chaotic Pendulum,” and a discussion about the nature of global terrorism)
Radio Bulgaria, “Studio Politics,” 20 December, 2004 (The challenges of G.W. Bush's second term.)
Radio New Europe, “Studio Bulgaria,” 17 December, 2004 (Discussion of the US national security doctrine and the nature of the new enemy.)
Bulgarian National Radio, “Sunday 150,” 31 October, 2004 (The presidential elections in the US.)
Bulgarian National Radio, “Before Everyone Else,” 29 July, 2004 (The presidential elections in the US.)
Bulgarian National Radio, “Sunday 150,” 30 May, 2004 (Discussion about the newly created political party Democrats for Prosperous Bulgaria)
Bulgarian National Radio, “Before Everyone Else,” 2 April, 2004 (Discussion of the Bulgarian NATO membership.)
New Bulgarian Television, “Hello Bulgaria,” 2 March, 2004 (Islamic terrorism, national security and the Bulgarian democratic right.)
Bulgarian National Radio, “Before Everyone Else,” 1 March, 2004 (Reforming the Bulgarian democratic right.)
Bulgarian National Television, “Panorama,” 19 December, 2003 (Political, social and cultural effects of the post-communist transition.)
Bulgarian National Radio, “Before Everyone Else,” 15 February, 1998 (Official visit of the Bulgarian president Peter Stoyanov to the US.)

Interviews and Articles in Daily and Weekly Papers and Magazines

Capital, 25 May 2017 (The Spinning Top – the novel and the movie)
Capital, 25 May 2017 (The Spinning Top – the novel and the movie)
Dnevnik Daily 29 May, 2017 (The Spinning Top – the novel and the movie)
Standard News, 19 May, 2017 (The Spinning Top – the novel and the movie)
Egoist Lifestyle Magazine, 10 July, 2017 (The Spinning Top – the novel and the movie)
Dnevnik Daily 29 May, 2017 (The Spinning Top – the novel and the movie)
Standard News, 19 May, 2017 (The Spinning Top)
Egoist Life Style Magazine, 10 July, 2017 (The Spinning Top)
Kultura, 5 July, 2013, issue 25, The Constancy of Irony
Biograph, July, 2013, issue 23 (the mastermind of socialist noir: feature article)
24 Hours, 20 April, 2013 (The Color of the Chameleon at the MoMa in NYC, Current Events in Bulgaria)
Kultura, 05 April 2013 (Bulgarian premiere of the Color of the Chameleon)
Pressa Daily, 16 Feb 2013 (Current political situation in Bulgaria)
24 Hours, 13 Oct 2012 (The Color of the Chameleon wins Golden Rose)
Capital, 27 July 2012 (Bourgas suicide bombing attack)
24 Hours, 18 October, 2011 (Shooting "Zincograph")
Novinar, 5 August, 2011 (Anders Breivik -- ideologue or sociopath)
Trud, 15 July, 2011 (Comments on Bulgarian cultual and political issues)
Fiction Writers Review, 4 March, 2011 (Novel "Zift" in English)
24 Hours, 21 February, 2011 ("Zift" in English and on DVD in the US)
Kapital Light, 13 May, 2010 (Comments on the Bulgarian political leadership)
Trud, 5 April, 2010 (Novel "Zincograph")
Tema, 3-9 May, 2010 (Novel "Zincograph" Premiere)
Kultura, 20 January, 2010 (Assessment of the Bulgarian transition)
24 Hours, 29 December, 2009 (Film "Zincograph" and the secret files of communism)
L'europeo #11, December, 2009 (Film "Zincograph," the secret policing and spying)
Telegraph, 20 June, 2009 (Film projects "Zift" and "Zincograph;" current state of Bulgarian cinema)
24 Hours, 6 January, 2009 (Current events, world crisis, film Zift)
Altera, October, 2008 (Film Zift at Toronto IFF; turning novel into script)
Kapital, 25 September, 2008 (Film Zift; writing the script; influences and challenges)
Trud, 5 July, 2008 (Film "Zift" at the Moscow International Film Festival, 2008; party politics and charismatic leaders)
Politika, 4-10 January, 2008 (Writing the novel and shooting the movie "Zift; Noir as a cinematic and literary genre)
Voices, 15-21 December, 2007 (Electoral situation of the Bulgarian democratic right)
Voices, 22-28 June, 2007 (Critique of the organizational and ideological state of affairs within the democratic right of the post-communist transition.)
Theme Magazine, 25-31 December, 2006 (The ideological and organizational decline of the Bulgarian democratic right.)
Sega, 30 December, 2006 (Nostalgia, literary and genre fiction, and the newly published novel “Zift.”)
Voices, 24-30 November, 2006 (Defining the predicaments of the post-communist party system.)
Voices, 16-22 June, 2006 (The crisis in the Bulgarian democratic right and its exhausted cause related to completion of the post-communist transition and the effects of the Bulgarian EU and NATO membership)
24 Hours, 11 and 15 June, 2005 (Political propaganda during elections.)
Sega, 10 March, 2005 (The dilemmas of the Bulgarian democratic right and the country’s involvement in the Iraq campaign.)
24 Hours, 11 November, 2004 (Outlining the strategic effects of the US presidential elections)
24 Hours, 23 August, 2004 (Bulgaria on the crossroads, the post-communist transformation and regional instability.)
Mediapool, 25 April, 2004 (The creation of the party Democrats for Prosperous Bulgaria.)
Mediapool, 2 March, 2004 (Reforming the Bulgarian democratic right.)
Seven, 14-20 January, 2004 (The need of organizational restructuring of the Bulgarian democratic right.)
Dnevnik, 30 December, 2003 (Corruption, the Bulgarian political elite and its predicaments.)
Literary Newspaper, 29 December, 2003 (Contemporary academic/creative writing in the US.)
24 Hours, 23 December, 2003 (Bulgarian NATO membership and national security strategy in the situation of global and regional instability.)
Dnevnik, 24 February, 2003 (Commentary of 21c. terrorism, global order and disorder)
Kapital, 24-30 November, 2001 (Political effects of the recent Bulgarian elections.)
Kapital, 22-28 September, 2001 (Religious fanaticism and global terrorism.)
Dnevnik, 31 March, 2001 (Bulgarian foreign affairs within the context of the Balkan geopolitical remapping.)
Kapital, 29 April - 8 May, 2000 (Corruption and organized crime in Bulgarian)
Kapital, 8-14 юни 1998 (NATO enlargement)

Articles and Essays

“Publish and Parish: Samizdat and Underground Cultural Practices in the Soviet Bloc” Poetics Today Special Issues I and II, (Winter 2008 and Spring 2009), Guest Editor.
 “Revolucionarna zdruzitev znanosti I umetnosti” Likovne Besede Ljubljana 71/72 (2005): 9-36; continuation in 73/74 (2005): 45-57.
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 “Of Personation: Imposture and Authority.” Democratic Review, Sofia Annual Digest (96/97): 58-86.
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"Ruda/Cerna." Konzerva Prague 2 (1990)

In Bulgarian

"Romanticizing the Vote." Kultura, 12 November (2008)
"Who’s who in the US Elections." Kultura, 13 February (2008)
 “American Dreams and Anti-Americanism.” Foreign Policy (Bulgarian edition) # 2, June/July (2005)
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"The Political Aesthetics of Communism." Izbor 1 (1990)
"The Tragic Articulations of Life." Problemi na Izkustvoto 4 (1989)

Fellowships. Grants. Awards

2017 UPENN SAS Teaching Relief Award for Lecturers, Spring 2019 semester.
2004 Fall -- Open Society Institute, Sofia, Fellow
Project: "Bulgarian National Security Strategy and the New Threats”
2004 Spring -- Central European University, Budapest, Center for Policy Studies, Fellow
Project: “Terrorism and Governance”
1997 Summer -- Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, Visiting Fellow
Project: "The Balkan Risk Factor and NATO Expansion"
1996-97 -- Open Society Institute Research Support Scheme Grant, Prague
Project: "The Discourse of Terrorism in XIX c. Russia. Influence on the Balkans."
1993-94 -- Central European University Research Grant, Prague
Project: "Authors and Authority."
1992-93 -- Central European University Research Grant, Budapest
Project: "The Prophetic Vision: Kafka and Platonov"
1991 Fall -- Naumann Fund, Sofia Research Grant
Project: "The Post-Communist Laboratory"
1990 Spring -- Institut fuer die Wissenschaften vom Menschen, Vienna, Visiting Fellow
Project: "Political Aesthetics of the Public Space"
1988-91 -- Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Art Studies, Research Fellow
Project: "The Allegorical Principle of Political Art"
1989 Spring -- Moscow Institute of Philosophy, Department of Politics, Visiting Fellow

Collaborative Work
The Cold War Project, Head of Organizational Committee of the University of Pennsylvania interdepartmental initiative involving film series, readings of samizdat work, lectures, stage readings, exhibitions, and a conference, sponsored by the Department of Slavic Languages, Department of Germanic Languages, The Kelly Writers House, Arthur Ross Gallery, Cinema Studies Program, Theater Arts Program.
US-Bulgarian Task Force, CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies,) Washington, DC.
"The Grey Zone," Research project on NATO expansion funded by the General Marshal Fund, The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and Hudson Institute.
"Western Images of the Eastern Changes," Research group “Periphery,” Sofia.

Talks and Public Readings

“Fortinbras or Horacio: Two Modes of Justice”
The Elizabeth Kostova Foundation, Readings Commemorating 30th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, New York City, October 24, 2019

“Anti-utopian fiction”
Round Table, Sofia International Literary Fest, 17 December, 2017

"Dystopian Brutalism in Film and Fiction,"
First Red House Annual Lecture in Cultural Studies, 19 December 2016

“The Constancy of Irony,”
EKF Creative Writing Seminar Sofia/Sozopol 2013
Red House, 28 May, 2013, The Elizabeth Kostova Foundation presents: Writing about the Cinema.
"Bulgaria Inside Out" The Elizabeth Kostova Foundation Literary Talk & Reading with the Sozopol Fiction Seminars faculty members Elizabeth Kostova (US), Rana Dasgupta (UK/India) and Vladislav Todorov (BG/US), New York City 18 October, 2012
"Wandering Stories: The Art of Remaking Plots."
The Red House Center for Culture and Debate, Sofia 12 December, 2011
Bulgarian Socialist Noir: Reading from Zift
Writers Without Borders, Kelly Writers House, UPENN 6 October, 2011
Readings of the novel "Die Motte" Berlin Literatur House, Berlin 16 March, 2011
Panel "Urban Visions and their Historical Background in the Edition Balkan," 19 March, Leipzig Book Fair 2011
Balkan Night, 19 March UT Connewitz Theater, Leipzig Book Fair 2011
“Public perceptions of organized crime”
Open Society Fund Colloquium, 27-28 May 2005
“The Vacuum and the Postmodern Novel”
University of Pennsylvania, Philomathean Society, Spring 2005
“The US Elections in Bulgarian Perspective”
Open Society Institute and Center for Liberal Strategies, Sofia, Fall 2004
“Neo-Conservatism and Anti-Americanism”
Institute of Euro-Atlantic Security, Sofia, Round table, Fall 2004
“Anti-liberalism and Terrorism”
Red House: Center for Culture and Debate, Sofia, 14 October, 2004
“Global Terrorism and the Butterfly Effect”
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spring 2004

“Martyrdom and Pyrotechnics: The Engineering the Human Bomb”
Central European University, Budapest, Spring 2004
“There shall be no Security without an Enemy”
Central European University, Budapest, Spring 2004
“Neo-conservatism and National Security Doctrine”
Open Society Fund and Center for Liberal Strategies, Sofia, Fall 2003
“The Intellectuals: Identity. Legitimacy. Authenticity.”
Institute for Advanced Study, Sofia, Fall 2002
Panel: “Condition of the Bulgarian Society”
Open Society Fund, Sofia, Fall 2002
“Of Personation: Imposture and Authenticity Effect”
University of Pennsylvania Kelly Writers House Theorizing 2.0, Spring 2002
“The Right of Violence.”
Keynote Speaker at No-Man’s Land Forum, The Red House, Sofia, Fall 2001
"The Bulgarian Quest for NATO"
Center for Liberal Strategies, Sofia, Spring 1988
“Bulgaria: New Politics and Old Security Issues”
The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Fall 1997
“Bulgaria After the Elections”
Foreign Service Institute, US Department of State, Fall 1997
"We, the Crystal Palace and the Common Cause: Genealogy of Zamyatin's Dystopian Imagination
Brown University, Department of Slavic Languages, Spring 1997
"Terror and Terrorism"
Sofia University, School of Communications, Department of Journalism, Spring 1997
"Intelligentsia and National Affect"
Yale University, Center for Russian and East European Studies, Spring 1995
"Author and Authority: Writing under the Rule of Nicholas I"
Emory University, Department of Russian Studies, Spring 1995
"Mummies or Idols? The Mystique of the Leader in Communist Societies"
Cornell University, Fall 1991
"Political Modernism and Social Modernization"
Sofia University, Department of Sociology, Spring 1991


"The Body in Cinema: Bio-mechanics and Montage of Attractions" Cultural Studies Program, University of Sofia, 17-18 December, 2010
“Europe in Hollywood" Interactive Colloquium, French Institute-Sofia, June 2-3, 2007
“Samizdat and Underground Culture in the Soviet Bloc Countries”
Head of the Organizational Committee, University of Pennsylvania, April 6-7, 2006
Dostoyevsky Dismembered
Panel Chair: “Truths and Doubts.” University of Pennsylvania, April 15, 2005.
"Balkan Geopolitical Dynamics and Terrorism."
Second International NEXUS Conference, Central European University, Budapest, 4-7 June, 2004
"Regional Identities and Paradoxes of Globalization: Social Imagination and Visual Culture."
Panel Chair: Second International NEXUS Conference, Central European University, Budapest, 4-7 June, 2004
“Media, War and Terrorism.”
Central European University, Budapest, 4-7 June, 2004
"Gogol: A Shattered Sphinx"
Round Table, May 17, 2004, Central European University, Budapest
"Katherine the Great's Looking-GlaZ: Governmentality and Policemanship"
MLA (Modern Languages Association) Convention, Toronto, December 29, 1997.
"Fear Thy Neighbor! Love Thy Persecutor!"
AAASS (American Association of Advanced Slavic Studies) Convention, Boston, November, 1996.
Round table on Soviet paranoia, AAASS (American Association of Advanced Slavic Studies) Convention, Boston, November, 1996.
"Rational State and National Sentiments"
The International Association for Philosophy and Literature Annual Conference, Fairfax, 1996.
"Philosophy of the Common Cause: The Emergence of the Russian Rocketry and Space Doctrine."
ACLA (American Comparative Literature Association) Annual Conference, Athens, March 17, 1995.
"Kafka/Foucault: The Penal Colony and the Chinese Wall: Tectonics of the Disciplinary Spaces."
MLA (Modern Languages Association) Convention, San Diego, December 30, 1994.
"Autocracy and Writing: Gogol and Chaadaev"
AATSEEL Annual Conference, San Diego, December 29, 1994.
"Bio-and-Social-engineering: Physiological Radicalism of the Russian Revolution"
MLA Convention, Toronto, December 1993.
"Permutatio Publica"
Critical Reflections on Modernity and Postmodernity, Society for the Humanities,
Cornell University, November 1992.
"Apocalipsis Transfiguris: Platonov Figures the End"
Conference in Comparative Literature, Central European University,
Prague, September 1992.
"Nikolai Fyodorov's Vertical Utopia"
Midwest Slavic Annual Conference, Columbus, Ohio, May 1991
"The Plot of Modernism and its Headquarters"
Modern Problems of Power and Culture, Inter University Center, Dubrovnik, October 1990

Professional Experience
2008 - Senior Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania
1996-08 Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania
1991-95 Teaching Assistant, University of Pennsylvania
1988-91 Research Fellow, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Art Studies
1976-77 Apprentice Journalist, Bulgarian National Radio

Voting Member of the European Film Academy
Bulgarian Filmmakers Union, Scriptwriting Guild
Editorial Board, Foreign Policy (Bulgarian Language Edition), Sofia.
Editorial Board, Voices, Weekly Newspaper, Sofia.
Advisory Board, Center for Liberal Strategies, Sofia.
Founding Member, Balkan Civic Network, Sofia.
Founding Member, Espace Culture, Sofia.
Founding Member, Synthesis, Society of Scholars and Artists, Sofia.

English, Russian, Bulgarian